Paper mosaic collages

A collage artwork showing bare trees in the snow in Greenwich, England.
A 30-something woman stands in a gallery in front of several framed artworks. The wall behind her says Paper Mosaic Collage Ellen Golla.
A relic of my past close to home, at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, California in 2002.
Photo: Robin Robin

My paper mosaic collages are, these days, more a relic of my past rather than part of my current art-making activity.

However, they were a big part of my life as an artist, and, much to my delight, people still ask me about them. Reproductions of them are still used in publications and on products worldwide.

My paper mosaic collages were made from hundreds of little bits of cut paper. I didn’t use any paint, only an acrylic gel as a glue and final finish.

My favorite subjects were the parks and trains of London, particularly the Underground, as well as scenes from my imagination.